Linen Dream

Dreaming of crisp mornings and fresh linen..
Wearing: Jadewood Design jumpsuit and earrings, Zara blouse, Rubi shoes.
With all the pleasant temperatures that come with an Australian autumn, we are dreaming of linen jumpsuits and light blouses with beautiful big sleeves. This stunning Zara top was purchased in Paris on one of my European adventures a few years ago. It was one of those moments, when I was struggling to find the right garment to make a new home in my wardrobe, that I spied this exquisite piece, the last on the rack. Paired with our favourite Jadewood jumpsuit and gold geometric Doré Sommeil earrings this is an outfit that can really bring resort wear to a new level.
Our stunning model Whitley, who has been modelling for us for the last 5 years, has just moved to Melbourne. We decided the best way to send her off was to do a whole day of shooting together, loving every moment of our collaborations. I hope you enjoy these images and the ones to come.
Photo's by Woodland Photography

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