FLORA - Jadewood S16 Launch

FLORA Summer 16 has just been launched in a bright, beautiful, happy soirée. This alluring collection will be ready for release by next week; so you can get your pretty painted paws on it very shortly.
I had such a wonderful time on Sunday afternoon with my Jadewood Ladies, friends and family, and fellow lobe candy fanatics. I am humbled and overjoyed at the love and support everyone has given me and my label, and I thank you all immensely for coming along. With a special thanks to Ebony of Raw Kaya Organics and Sunshine Coast painter Lauren Young and the lovely ladies from the Academy of Makeup.
Photographer: Reece Woodland [Woodland Photography]
See the rest of the event photo's on the Jadewood facebook page.


Models: [left to right] Katinka Allom, Hannah Martin, Whitley O'dowd, Mikayla Louise, Maddy O'dowd.

with Emma & Linda Sheppard
with Reece Woodland & Ebony Greaves
with Laura Plusnin & Hetty Appleton-Miles
with Mikayla Louise & Suzii K

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