13.01.2016 - SCENESTR. - Liam Streers: Jadewood Design: Art for the Ears

Jadewood Design collection is jewellery made for the bold, confident and original woman.

Designer Tahlee Woodland has aligned her business' ethics with those of its online distributor – The Dress Collective – and believes in a sustainable fashion future through the idea of slow-fashion manufacturing.



January 2016 - PUMP MAGAZINE - Issue #56 - Awaken by Megan Popelier



10.12.2015 - INSTITUTE MAGAZINE - The Femme Fatale by Woodland Photography



10.12.2015 - SUNDHOLM STYLE - Almost Minimal



09.12.2015 - THE CREATIVE ISSUE - Georgia McDermott: Jadewood Designs: Art for the Ears

Treat your lobes to some serious ear-candy…

If you haven’t heard of Jadewood Designs, it’s high time you educate yourself. Jadewood is statement jewellery at its finest, and each piece is nothing short of a work of art. Based in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast, each of the remarkable pieces are meticulously handcrafted in limited numbers ensuring that each piece is precious and unique to its owner.



19.10.2015 - LAURA PLUSNIN - Flora: Jadewood Design SS16 Launch Party

The lovely Tahlee Woodland has launched her ss16 collection for her beautiful label named Jadewood Designs. I went with Hetty and we saw so many great people including Suziik and Emma from Sheppard! Tahlee's collection was so beautiful, her pieces are very colourful and any piece of jewellery is perfect as a statement piece to any outfit.

18.10.2015 - SUZANNE DANG - Jadewood Design "FLORA" S16 Collection Launch

A wonderful casual evening well spent in an intimate setting with Jadewood Design tonight and guests. I was invited to privately view the collection of Tahlee Woodland's "FLORA" fashion collection. The outfits were colourful with a mixture of wonderful patterns with it being drawn by Lauren Young, a Sunshine Coast painter. I had a lovely evening cutting cake for everyone and serving it! I also won one of the raffles - a 6 months skincare supply of RAW Kaya Organics! Lucky B11! Woo! My friend Ange from Teachers On Trend also enjoyed the evening, I'm sure. Congratulations again to Tahlee and team on the launch of her beautiful collection, FLORA.



30.06.2015 - INSINCERELY HER - My Interview with Tahlee Woodland

Tahlee Woodland is the owner and designer of Jadewood Design. She has just re launched her website and launched a brand new collection called Femme Noir. Enjoy my chat with the beauty.



01.03.2015 - EKO&LUX - Jadewood SS14 Campaign

I love shooting outdoors in wonderful locations but especially when it's for a brand that is eco-friendly by being handmade locally in Australia. I had a blast shooting at this amazing location for the latest Jadewood Campaign.



01.02.2015 - IZE MAGAZINE - Issue #12



27.01.2015 - SUNDHOLM STYLE - Capri Sundays: Soaking up le Soleil on the Rooftop Runway

Last but not least, the festively fringed ear candy provided by Jadewood Design spun each outfit into an eclectic twist. Her handmade earrings pulled the show together into a Rio-Carnivale mirage.



31.12.2014 - MOUSTACHE MAGAZINE - Momember This?: Interview: Tahlee Woodland of Jadewood

LADIES, your earlobes are in for one hell of a treat, all thanks to Tahlee Woodland and her beautiful baby; eccentric earring label Jadewood. With a fresh online store now up and running, prepare yourself for ear-candy that would make even Ms Bradshaw tear up with envy.



01.10.2014 - INSTYLE MAGAZINE - Accessories



06.07.2014 - CANDOUR STORE - Meet Jadewood Designs

These playful pieces of art for your earlobes will make an exciting statement whether you’re donning your most-loved vintage confection, a cutting-edge modern ensemble or even luxuriating poolside in a glamourous kaftan.


 07.06.2014 - ZEUM MAGAZINE - Forever Autumn by Hannah Roche



June 2014 - SUPERHEROMAG - Suddenly Last Summer by Hannah Roche



23.06.2014 - FOUR THOUSAND - Jadewood Design Earrings

There’s nothing quite like a piece of statement jewellery to help you hold your head high – which is a good thing, since perfect posture and a firmly-fixed up-do are pretty much mandatory if you want to properly accommodate the full length and breadth of a Jadewood Design deep dangle.